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bitcaw asked: interesting that you thought he was the dead body for most of the ep. i actually thought it was Keating. wondered if it was a short tv stint for Davis. hoped not, nor did i think Shonda would do that, but i still worried quite a bit about it... glad i was wrong too!


i don’t even want to allow myself to think of that as a possibility, but now that you’ve planted the seed, the bonkers (the good kind) way that ep was written could’ve meant anyone who wasn’t part of that foursome was fair game as the body. i truly would not forgive shonda for producing this show if that’s what was written for the pilot. you can’t wave viola davis on network tv in the public’s face then take it away after one ep. on network tv in a STARRING role at that! look at me, i’m getting worked up and it didn’t even happen. woosaa. thank you for being wrong :)

nerd4music asked: Crooked is the only way my glasses know how to be. I feel you.


the struggle continues.

nerd4music asked:

serpentine fire | ewf

the cause and effect of you has brought new meaning in my life to me*

*the instrumentation trumps each and every lyric in this song.

brassparker asked:

a life in the day of benjamin andre | andre 3000 / outkast

yes we were sellin it but no it wasn’t blow

moonphasetest asked: Belle is very much worth the wait :) It was so well done. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

awesome to hear :) can’t wait to support gugu and amma.

pasunepomme asked: Did you click through that Baldwin post to the interview? Fascinating!

didn’t even realize there was one. i definitely will. thanks for the heads up!

pennyforapound asked: Lemme find out some guy in London is giving you grief about being black in America. If I had a Kanye West gif for 'can't tell me nothin', i'd use it right. now.

thanks, homie. but no worries, i shut him down. apparently his trademark is getting sloshed at social gatherings and provoking others into conversations he spends talking over everyone else, but this was my first time meeting him so i was caught off guard. the stuff he was saying and his beliefs were so ludicrous that it would’ve been hilarious if it didn’t piss me off so much. the most shocking part is that i’m 95% sure it wasn’t even the alcohol talking and he really believes every condescending thing he was spouting off. and then had the nerve to say, “i don’t mean you, obviously.” oh, really? so you just mean everyone else i know and love who happens to be black and identifies as american. got it. just generalizations left and right. surefire way to irk me.


anyway, when he wasn’t dominating the conversation, other discussion was really eye-opening and insightful: how often black americans claim america and how often black brits don’t claim britain/the uk, the experiences of first generation black british, african continent vs. caribbean culture, the division amongst all the diasporic countries and islands that are represented in the uk, the neverending i do/don’t see color debate, ignorance vs. racism. good stuff.

pasunepomme asked: 1: A song you like with a color in the title // 7: A song to drive to

1: golden lady - stevie wonder

7: let’s take a ride - justin timberlake

maxinefeliceshaw asked: 21.

A favorite song with a person’s name in the title

only one? not fair. here’s 5:

  1. morris brown - outkast
  2. dracula’s wedding - outkast
  3. flowers for zoe - lenny kravitz
  4. darling nikki - prince
  5. snowden’s jig - carolina chocolate drops

bitelikesalt asked: I'm still thinking about the last ep of Scandal, too. Why do you think Maya Lewis is alive? What did you see (or figure out about Shonda's wicked mind) that I missed? Do tell, please!

a) that goodbye hug in the flashback was mad long and shonda loves her some foreshadowing, b) it would be too simple and easy if she really had passed away. we’re going to spend the whole season with liv’s layers of anguish and guilt being revealed to us, then i can 97% guarantee maya shows up in the finale. to just mess her whole world up all over again. c) just a hunch. a hunch based off of watching all shows in shondaland’s catalogue and just guessing that there’s going to be another curveball thrown at us.


caveat - i could be wrong about all this and i totally accept that as a strong possibility because shonda is always one step ahead of the general public. it seems as though she can sense when her viewers are used to her curveballs and then goes and develops new ones. all i do know is that this storyline isn’t at all what it’s currently being depicted as. shonda is too crafty to work the truth of a storyline into what makes it to screen only 6 episodes in. too crafty and dark and twisty.