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hi, i'm nuri. this is my fandom/everyday life tumblr. i talk a lot in tags and my posts are all over the place. ask is always open.

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pasunepomme asked: 1: A song you like with a color in the title // 7: A song to drive to

1: golden lady - stevie wonder

7: let’s take a ride - justin timberlake

21janeeyre asked: 21.

A favorite song with a person’s name in the title

only one? not fair. here’s 5:

  1. morris brown - outkast
  2. dracula’s wedding - outkast
  3. flowers for zoe - lenny kravitz
  4. darling nikki - prince
  5. snowden’s jig - carolina chocolate drops

bitelikesalt asked: I'm still thinking about the last ep of Scandal, too. Why do you think Maya Lewis is alive? What did you see (or figure out about Shonda's wicked mind) that I missed? Do tell, please!

a) that goodbye hug in the flashback was mad long and shonda loves her some foreshadowing, b) it would be too simple and easy if she really had passed away. we’re going to spend the whole season with liv’s layers of anguish and guilt being revealed to us, then i can 97% guarantee maya shows up in the finale. to just mess her whole world up all over again. c) just a hunch. a hunch based off of watching all shows in shondaland’s catalogue and just guessing that there’s going to be another curveball thrown at us.


caveat - i could be wrong about all this and i totally accept that as a strong possibility because shonda is always one step ahead of the general public. it seems as though she can sense when her viewers are used to her curveballs and then goes and develops new ones. all i do know is that this storyline isn’t at all what it’s currently being depicted as. shonda is too crafty to work the truth of a storyline into what makes it to screen only 6 episodes in. too crafty and dark and twisty.

wretchel asked: hi nuri, i want to be nosy (b/c i thoroughly enjoyed the netherlands and i like that picture): 1) where's your favorite city in the us 2) what's the best place [defined generally] you've visited outside the united states 3) where would you like to go that you've never been before and why


1) i embrace nonconformity in most aspects of my life, but being one of those people who grew up with the goal of moving to nyc is an area where i’m proud to be a part of the hive. i am 100% one of the kabillion settlers referenced in this quote that so beautifully sums up why that place is in my heart. my love affair with nyc is vast and i think i’ll call it home again soon; i can feel it in my bones.

2) i’m so glad you said generally, lol. australia, hands down. it just ticks off so many pros for me - great weather, great accents, great indigenous culture, far from home, stunning landscape, tons to do and see, the weather deserves two mentions. and no, the ridiculously long flight and high rate of poisonous animals don’t outweigh the pros for me :)

3) alkebulan / africa. no specific countries because there’s too many i want to see. why? because books and movies and music and second hand accounts aren’t enough. i need to set foot there.

pennyforapound asked: OH MY GOODNESS, are we the same person because I hella remembered Some Girls today found out info on wikipedia and marathoned all 4 episodes that are out and will be watching the 5th when I wake up tomorrow morning :)

we might be, except you’re doing better than me because i have yet to watch a single s2 ep. last night’s revelation threw me and i’m currently drowning under the realization that i have to marathon multiple eps to catch up on this and sleepy hollow. and ahs. and twd. and ga. my life, my life.

wretchel asked: you know, *you* started vampire weekend for me

yes, yes i know and it is one of my life’s Greatest Accomplishments. just for this i must now reblog your reblog. <3 (sidebar: modern vampires, not as great as i anticipated? the singles and lyric vids were so great but then i was not all that moved when i listened to the entire album…maybe i need to revisit. i would love need to hear your thoughts on this v important subject matter pls + ty)

(sidebar take two: i watched last week’s project runway finale - solely for kerry washington - and became the biggest fan of the chick who ended up winning [ YAY DOM! ] + had a moment of silence for our spam chats of yesteryear! you should watch just the finale if you haven’t yet…i put pr on ignore long ago but the right person actually won this season wow this is long i’ll shutup now)

21janeeyre asked: Looked through your music posts. Had to follow. I prefer Casanova Brown to Portuguese Love, but only by a tiny bit.

Great alternative choice. My music posts fluctuate, but it’s always nice to hear someone else out there digs them :)

pennyforapound asked: have you been admiring sherri's hair since 97 because you were watching oltl when she met her boo kamar dlr?! if so, me too :)

girl, i go all the way back. she was on sunset beach 97-99 then joined oltl in 01. i watched both essentially for her characters. sb through that god awful turkey baster sl (shudders) and oltl with all the bs they put keri through. still a little bitter. she and kamar (lol at dlr) make an awesome pair. on screen and off :) aw man, now i’m all back up in my soaps feels. 

pasunepomme asked: I had never heard of They Die By Dawn before your recent gifset reblog but I NEED IT.

look back through my tag, the trailer should be in there somewhere. i have been hype about this movie for it feels like at least a year. it’s going to be ridic. whenever we get to see it.

pasunepomme asked: On the subject of musicals that you saw first, Matilda just opened on Broadway stateside! Hoping I get a chance to get up to NY and see it :)

fingers and toes crossed that you get to! i know you’ll love it. i think it’ll have a very long run, so you have time. such a good show.