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hi, i'm nuri. this is my fandom/everyday life tumblr. i talk a lot in tags and my posts are all over the place. ask is always open.

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for #bana05 & #conflictfetish. (!!!!!) (Taken with Instagram)

for #bana05 & #conflictfetish. (!!!!!) (Taken with Instagram)

missvex replied to your post: my hall (translation: dorm) is full of fire doors….

Pretty much, yup, at least every house that serves a public purpose, anyways, schools, halls, hotels, hostels, public offices, you get the twist. It’s just normal x

Oy, a prison? Ugh.

Hope you have a great first day.

What will you see?

beasts of the southern wild. it was just as amazing and thought-provoking as predicted. you (and everyone else in the world) must see it.

veevavavoom replied to your post: that awesome moment when you’ve had a labor…


bana05 replied to your postthat awesome moment when you’ve had a labor…

It will be okay. You know why? Because I said so…yep. *hugs*
Don’t freak out. Hold steady.

thanks, peeps. fingerprinting went off without a hitch, sufficiently unflattering picture taken, all is well.

conflictfetish replied to your photo: HALLELU! jesus take the wheel on the speed of…

Holiday! Celebrate! So excited for you.


Girls weekend was a fun weekend. :)

that it was, that it was :)

domina-ology-deactivated2013010 asked: Ask away #3

Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

At the tracks we climbed onto mine cars, which were nothing more

The Best Creative Nonfiction, Vol. 3

domina-ology-deactivated2013010 asked: Music Ask #2

"Unifunk" by Jaspects.

domina-ology-deactivated2013010 asked: Yo, SO MANY GOOD SCENES. I was like, giggling with delight. Cyrus' crazy ass speech to Fitz was the best thing ever. I'm not yet convinced that he's totally bad, but even if, he'll be the villain I still sorta love. I'm really not on Team Fitz, per se. Huck also is golden. Loved all the shady pasts that were hinted at on Team Olivia.

(me and my delayed response. this is about scandal, in case anyone is wondering.) you know, this show with all it’s twists and turns and shockers…i’m not sure yet what to believe about cyrus. but yes, that speech was awesome. did so much to develop his character. and made me crack up with it’s realness. psh, fucka fitz. he is a puppet. i’m trying to figure out how he became prez. cyrus and liv did a damn good job. and prob mellie, too. i bet she was playing that role of perfect first lady like it was already her job. i am looooooving the parts of their past that are slowly coming out. there’s so much more to it than what’s in those files so far. there’s something about liv that no one knows about that isn’t mother theresa-esque in the least. i can feel it.