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hi, i'm nuri. this is my fandom/everyday life tumblr. i talk a lot in tags and my posts are all over the place. ask is always open.

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055. 2 words i can’t stand: retarded & hate.

054. i wear glasses and they naturally sit crooked on my nose. i have to tilt them slightly and secure one side in my hair in order for them to look straight. i kinda like wearing them crooked, though. throws people off.

053. i suck at associating dates with major events. historical and personal. i suck at numbers in general, actually.

052. i happen to look at clocks when it’s 12:34 all the time.

051. i’m a sleepy drunk.

050. i’ve had bags under my eyes since i was little and they’ve lessened over the years.

049. i become overtly bashful when i receive compliments. i used to be very outward with it, but i’ve learned to keep it internal and at least accept the praise, no matter how weird it feels.

048. i bawled when i found out i had a new baby brother and not a sister. bawled. (i was 7.)

047. i have a really high pain tolerance and truly believe in mind over matter.

046. i don’t like talking on the phone. i’m the queen of awkward silences, tuning out, not picking up and taking forever to return a call. my general method is to schedule really important catch-up calls. otherwise you’re not going to hear from me. it’s a clear sign that you mean something to me if i answer the first time you call or reach out saying i ~want to call you. but typically, get at me via text, chat or email.