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Natasha Lyonne - Instagram

“May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.”

Tracee Ellis Ross (via consequencesofnotsleeping)


Rapid Fire Questions (by Tracee Ellis Ross)

Ok now we have some questions for you guys!

1. Flat or sparkling water?
2. President Fitz or Cary Agos?
3.Why do you keep chasing waterfalls?
4. Last book you read?
5. BSB or Nsync?
6. Would you rather beautiful clothes that smelled like pickles or ugly clothes that smell great?

bless. you. both. please keep collaborating.

  1. flat
  2. neither. fitz is perpetually in the dog house with me and i haven’t watched the good wife yet so i don’t feel right picking him.
  3. because rivers and lakes aren’t challenging enough
  4. finished? the personal history of rachel dupree. read as in still reading? the chosen.
  5. bye bye byeeeeeeee
  6. pickles. all day.

When the cameras were rolling, I was totally Dorothy. Between takes I couldn’t be anyone else but Mom to my first two babies.


“You heard it here first” - @chescaleigh x @TraceeEllisRoss

those necks and eyebrows, tho. forget the words.




YouTube & Life Vlog with Tracee Ellis Ross (by chescaleigh)

So very excited to share this vlog I shot in LA with Miss Tracee Ellis Ross!

This is truly wonderful. I laughed so hard. They’re so beautiful, funny and smart, and they reveal how powerful social media can be for everyone, including talented Black women.

These women!

no but this is amazing. literally amazing. thank you, tracee, for talking about the 29 to 30 transition. being in this boat is not fun; thanks for setting my mind at ease a little. and thank you, chesca, for just being you.


Apple. Tree.


Apple. Tree.